About us

Our team and roles description
Requirements for photo upload
The minimum requirements for photos published on the website, which provide a clear understanding of how the website positions itself.
Guide for beginners describing all the key actions to get you started with the site
Privacy Policy
Description of how your personal data is being protected, stored and used.
How to use the site
A description of all features of the site and how to use them. Interesting reading for beginners and not only for them
How images are being uploaded to the server
Detailed story about how image are processed to be shown on the site, which output resolutions are set, and how it looks
Technologies used
The site is made in Perl programming language on the top of Mojolicious framework, MySQL database and Mongo. Memcached is responsible for caching everything :)
Terms and Conditions
A list of what can not be done on our site. We don't have many rules, all are within common sense and the law