How to use the site

SuperSnimki is rather easy site to use, but some of its features are not so obvious. Here I will try to describe all the moments that help to simplify a lot of things and to make the site usage more convenient :)

First of all let's start with navigation. If there is page navigation, laterally there are special buttons for quick navigation forward and backward. It is very convenient, as you do not need to scroll the page to the bottom and it is adapted for tablets, for example Apple iPad! Also you can use the keyboard to move backward or forward: the keys ← and →.

The comments on the site are hierarchical (12 levels) and live (updated automatically). The update of the comments is slowing down over time (to prevent the situation when the forgotten site window spend a lot of traffic) and then returns to interactive state again as soon as you start typing a response.

Versions are the unique feature of our website, which allows you to upload new versions of already created images, saving the previous versions for other people. For example, the first version has not been very successful, you upload a new one with the steeper design - and people will be able to see the difference! At the same time it is possible to express your opinion about the work not only in general, but also to discuss about how the new version is better than the old one. The mechanism of versions also allows you to upload the same versions of the same plot - the series. You can upload the images with the different design options - colored, black-and-white, with effects.

The process of images uploading is described separately, but in general, everything occurs like this: actually there are no size limits and you can upload the original version without resizing it to the site. At the same time the site can label your images with the watermark placed in any corner you like and compress them down to the desired size. Get rid of the old stereotypes and upload the images of maximal quality. The site is created specially to support the super clear (Retina) displays, the better the quality is the more spectacular your works will look on the modern and advanced displays.

There are no balls measures (imaginary division into photo professionals and photo losers) on the site and it will never be here. Your professionalism is determined only by the quality of your images and whether they are interesting for people considering their genre. Likes also contribute to the assessment of professionalism. Unfortunately, there is no way to "like" people, but you can subscribe to those whom you are interested in and receive notifications about their new uploads.

We also have a chat where we can discuss any topics. It is only visible for authorised users and available in a lite mode from People page and full mode from Chat page.

We won't talk about the button changing the modes (night and day) as everything is obvious! On the dark background it is more convenient to watch images, and on the white background it is more convenient to read the news or work with the site during sunny days. Switch mode button works without page refresh :)

With time I will continue to append this brief guide on the site.

Good luck!