Nikon launches retro camera with 2013 technologies

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Nikon Df

Why should go out for quantity of pixels, if the quality is not improving? Why reinvent the wheel and invent ergonomics which only confuses? Nikon company gradually starts to think once again and ready to please numerous fans.

Many of us hate new cameras: their size become smaller and smaller, LCDs cover the whole half of the body, miserable picture quality with as enormous file size, sensors instead of buttons. These devices are no more comfortable to take pictures by. The process turnes into a sad action a without a proper buzz. We collect a lot of trash, nobody wants to look at. Pictures are not suitable for sale. It will be a shame to leave it to descendants.

Photography is not always a profession, but more often is just a hobby. But all the buzz of photography is not only to seize the moment and capture it, but also to experiment with the settings. At the time of the appearance of digital photography and the slow retreat of the film many newcomers rushed to take pictures, and manufacturers rushed to create hundreds of variations of devices for them. As a result, all values of the film has been lost, and photography became just a routine without creativity.

Nikon Df

With the advent of DSLRs process again went up the hill, however, SLRs were no longer the same. Classical picture was a hundred times more interesting. Popularity of instagram and lomography confirms it. Simply pressing the shutter of a super advanced camera, that does everything for you, and post-processing images in Photoshop - are incredibly dull processes.

Another thing - when you shoot on camera from the youth. Manual settings, and real buttons and drives. Adding to this tangible super quality management (the word "super" on our website will sound continuously) - get what everyone dreams. Namely - the new SLR camera Df production Nikon.

Of course, similar to this Nikon model cameras have been made by many manufacturers. But were they the same cool? Most - not. Only Leica and Sony (can someone else) have released their classic camera with a full frame sensor. These cameras are head and shoulders above its competitors with smaller sensors and beat them not only with an image quality, but also with the picture. Minimum depth of field, high dynamic range, latitude frame, epic!

Nikon rules! They made a gift to the fans for the New Year. I envy those who will manage to shoot these wonderful cameras - they will not only get a thrill when shooting, but also amazing pictures for which it will not be ashamed to report a dozen years later.

Nikon Df

From the characteristics of the camera, you can note the high performance, perfect metering, absence of a movie mode, a full frame (36x24) sensor, high sensitivity (204800 ISO) and various levers and drives :)

The camera Nikon Df is running the same 16 megapixel matrix, as of the Nikon D4. Burst rate is twice lower, but then again it's 5.5 frames per second, which is still enaugh. Large size - it is a wide dynamic range, excellent detail, minimum noise and large depth of the image.

EXPEED 3 system provides fast and high quality 16-bit processing of images with a huge scope of colors, smooth transitions and efficiency.

Nikon engineers have made it possible with the help of a lever to mount old vintage NIKKOR lenses without AI and NIKKOR F.

The camera is just crazy and looks drop dead cool. Specifically to offer her lens Nikkor AF-S 50 mm f / 1,8 G with manual settings. Of course, it's a bomb!

At russian stores camera is expected to appear in December. It will cost a lot, so you need to start collecting money for it right now to get about 90K Rubles fro a body and about 8K Rubles for lenses.

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winter 2014-01-20 22:10:58 +0200
Ну вот умеют же, если захотят. Но цена. У меня машина столько же стоит.
Combat 2014-10-21 11:13:52 +0200
Я влюбился в этот аппарат. Когда брал, были сомнения, цена дорогая, может Д800 взять. Но купив, доволен очень. Для свадеб конечно не очень удобен, хотя я снимал и хорошо, а для походов, пейзажей и неспешной осмысленной съемки очень хорош.
VladimirN 2015-02-23 17:10:21 +0200
Баловство...... существуют D 800 и D 4 Начинка этой "ретро модели взята из них, это маркетенговый ход, заставить покупателя платить за модный, не факт что удобный, корпус.