Requirements for photo upload

SuperSnimki is the best resource for photography. The works posted here undergo moderation to ensure they meet basic criteria of quality and artistic value, and only the best ones deserve to be featured in the feed. Below are the minimum requirements for images, failure to meet which may result in them being moved to the "Controversial" section or removed from the website.

  1. The author has the right to showcase only their own works. In the Photo section, we feature works for discussing one's self creativity (content of the image), not technique. Therefore, the publication of 100% copies of other people's works in this section is not allowed. Copying someone else's work is not considered creative authorship and cannot participate in contests, rankings, receive ratings, or reviews. This would be unfair to those who seek and create their own images. Use the forum to discuss other people's works. Publishing other people's images is allowed in the forum or Journal (as an article) with mandatory attribution.
  2. Posting images created using neural networks (AI) is prohibited. Only processing of one's own works using AI-based tools is allowed.
  3. The photograph should be interesting not only to the author but also to other people. Even in everyday life, you can find something that will make people admire it.
  4. The photograph should be properly balanced in terms of white. Water or snow should be white, the sea and sky should be blue, eyes should be white, clouds should be gray, beer should be foamy, and Ferrari should be red or yellow, except in cases of non-standard lighting (sunset, sunrise, bonfire, fireworks) or the author's creative intentions (but not excessive ones).
  5. The photograph should not have unintentional errors in focus, overexposure, underexposure, high noise levels, or chromatic aberrations.
  6. The main subject of the composition should be sharp, except in cases where the opposite is intended by the author and is not a technical error in shooting.
  7. The photograph should not be blurry (motion blur), except in cases where it is intentional by the author and cannot be considered a random error in shooting (e.g., capturing motion).
  8. The processing of photographs should be done with quality to avoid the appearance of random defects such as black spots in the sky (dust on the sensor when the aperture is closed), local conversion of gradient transitions into a coarse staircase (twisted contrast), whitening or blackening, excessive digital noise (when pulling exposure).
  9. All submitted photo works undergo moderation to ensure they align with the website's concept. Works that fail moderation are placed in the "Controversial" section.
  10. The moderator is not obliged to explain the reasons for moving a work to the "Controversial" section. Moderation is carried out to keep the website free from uninteresting works and defects.