Technologies used

Relying on more than 13-year experience in web programming and 20-year experience in programming at all, I have tried to make this site as superb as it could be. Vast knowledge in this matter has let me  make this site such as it is. I am very proud of some of invented features. Few people had a chance to see this childish delight :) But time will show what this project is going to become.

Our advantages and benefits:

  • Multilanguage support
  • The day and night display mode
  • Super clarity - full compatibility with Retina-displays from the beginning of site development. The site has been created at Apple Macbook Pro 15" Retina
  • Easy viewing and navigation. "Back" and "forward" buttons are working to simplify it; there is a dynamic images tape.
  • Live comments with threads
  • Tablets and mobile devices support: the site is running well on iPad and other devices

The project works on its own software engine, created on the top of the Mojolicious framework. All the programs are written in Perl with small elements of Inline C. We use two databases: relational MySQL and object-oriented MongoDB. Everything is cached by Memcached. The complexity of the project does not allow to increase its performance that is why in the case of high load, we have the possibility of horizontal scaling of some nodes.

At this moment our site works on a dedicated server with 2 processors, which power is enough for the closest future.

During the development process I've paid a lot of attention to make the site become as more alive and flexible as it is possible. It is perfectly extensible and customizable. In the future I will be able to introduce more and more new features, expanding its functionality and increasing its performance. I have months of hard work ahead for the project improvement.