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10 Simple Tips to Improve Your Photography
Photography is an art that can be continually refined. Whether you're just starting your journey in the world of photography or are already an experienced enthusiast, it's important to constantly evolve and enhance your skills. In this article, we offer you 10 simple yet effective tips that will help you become a better photographer.
2024-04-01 21:17:48 +0200
Moderation Process Description, Main Reasons for Rejection and Revision, Principles of the System
New Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II for enthusiasts
Canon corporation announced an update to it's Hi-End PowerShot lineup with G1 X Mark II. Lens gets higher aperture, processing is faster, capabilities of the device are wider.
2014-02-12 18:59:17 +0200
Details about the new mirrorless Fujifilm X-T1 camera (updated)
January 20, 2014 on its 80th anniversary of the Japanese company Fujifilm has announced the imminent announcement of a new mirrorless camera which will take place on January 28. Covered with a gloom mystery gradually acquires new information, the network appeared the first photos and some characteristics of the new product.
2014-01-24 13:43:54 +0200
Details on the new Canon EOS M2
Canon has worked very hard and announced the second version of tiny mirrorless EOS M2 improved with faster autofocus. Get the quality of DSLRs with a size of compacts.
2013-12-11 19:01:47 +0200
Nikon launches retro camera with 2013 technologies
The camera should be just the device for photography. This is not a smartphone and not the video recorder. Nothing superfluous, only technological hardcore. Meet the most desirable full-frame DSLR camera Nikon.
2013-11-12 21:48:06 +0200